App Store download limit over mobile network increases to 200MB

Have you tried downloading an app from the App Store without being connected to a Wi-Fi network and couldn't because the maximum download limit was 150MB?

While many everyday apps are not that heavy, Apple sets a limit on the download size of a particular app, podcast, game, and movie over 3G / 4G (LTE) networks that was 150MB. Good, was

This week Apple raised that limit to 200MB, allowing users to download slightly larger files on their iPhones and iPads from mobile data such as games and iTunes Store content. The last time this download “quota” went up was in September 2017, when it went from 100MB to 150MB.

Such a limit is often “ridiculed” because Apple offers no option for the user to change this or even disable this type of restriction; After all, there are carriers that offer plans with unlimited mobile data.

App Store Download Limit

In this sense, the alert would be better implemented as a warning to inform the user that he is about to download a large file, but including a "Continue Download" button to complete. Maybe in the future, no?

via 9to5Mac