App Store Deals of the Day: Relight, This by Tinrocket, SnapNDrag Pro and more!

App Store Deals of the Day: Relight, This by Tinrocket, SnapNDrag Pro and more!

Closing the week with our traditional selection of offers on the App Store!

Relight app icon - Better Photos

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The application Relight, developed by Code Organa, another mandatory item if you like photography.

It features over 50 photo enhancements / corrections, in eight special modes:

  • Enhance: improve lighting, contrast and color to give your photos a more natural look to your eyes;
  • Low Light: improve poor lighting and correct exposure problems;
  • Artistic: add creative HDR effects to your photos;
  • Clarity: highlight details and improve local contrast;
  • Sky: improve the contrast in the sky to create a distinct look;
  • Dramatic: increase the emotion of your photos with bold lighting;
  • Overexposure: improve faded and overexposed photos;
  • Fog: reduce fog and haze to bring photographs to life without light.

With one of the chosen modes, you will see a series of buttons on your screen; each of them add more effects to your image. Gesture control on the screen makes the process of adding effect even more extensive, making the possibilities almost endless.

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The application also has a feature of dividing the screen extremely useful, showing the before and after in a simple and practical way. Adjustments of brightness, color, saturation tones, temperature, in addition to the traditional features of cutting and changing appearance, make the application a very complete solution for those who enjoy photography.

Don't waste another second; enjoy the offer and good photos!

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Below more applications that together add up $ 16 off:


This by Tinrocket app icon

Tags in photos.

The Skyfish Legend app icon


Sorry, app not found.

Utility for sleep.

Waterlogue app icon

See the world as an artist.


SnapNDrag Pro Screenshot app icon

Screen capture utility.

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Take advantage of the offers and have a great weekend!

Remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it is good to run. 🙃