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App Store bans “Instagram from marijuana” after crime occurrences and hate speech

Have you heard of Social club? This is an app, launched last July on the App Store and Google Play, that aimed to create a social network centered on a specific audience: connoisseurs of the indefectible cannabis.

Initially, the network that quickly earned the nickname of “Marijuana Instagram” seemed to be running its course normally, with a good adoption rate (almost 500,000 downloads in recent months); now, however, everything went downhill.

According to TechCrunch, Apple banned Social Club from the App Store. But it is wrong to think that this happened because of the theme of the network. The reason? Its users were taking advantage of the surveillance free space to commit all kinds of virtual crimessuch as drug dealing, exhibition of child pornography and explicitly violent content, racist memes, and the spread of hate speech.

So far, the app is available on Google Play, but it's not known until when. One of the creators of the Social Club, rapper Berner, said that the presence of criminals on the network is an "attack", and that the app changed overnight and he also promised that those responsible would clean the network to make it usable. again.

This boy, Berner, with 1.3 million followers on Instagram, created a "censorship-free" clone on the network called Social Club basically to sell weed. The app was a hit on the App Store, and as we imagined it quickly descended into complete anarchy, with violence, shitposting racist and child pornography.


I feel like we were attacked. I don't know how the app totally changed overnight; Sad, scary and crazy. Cleaning it up right now.

It is not known what kind of measures will be taken by the creators to rehabilitate the Social Club. The network was founded on the philosophy of freedom since Instagram, for example, completely bans posting of illicit drug-related content (or at least illicit in certain places like marijuana) but that freedom apparently turned against it. the creators.

The case is reminiscent of another recent occurrence, when Tumblr, being temporarily banned from the App Store for child pornography offenses, made the decision to ban all types of adult content on its network and saw its usage rate drop dramatically. . If the Social Club (which of course never had a fraction of Tumblr relevance) goes the same way, we'll have to wait and see.