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App revenue up 24% to $ 22 billion in Q3

In what may be considered one of the largest growths to date so far this year, the apps market expanded 24% in the third quarter of 2019, reaching a revenue of $ 21.9 billion. The information, published by Sensor Tower, is based on user spending on internal purchases, subscriptions and paid apps.

To get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe growth of this category, last year the analytics firm posted revenue of $ 17.9 billion through the world's two largest app stores (App Store and Google Play) during the same period.

App Store app revenue and Google Play

Paradoxically (or not, since Android has many more users than iOS), Google Play recorded almost 3x more downloads than the App Store last quarter; more precisely, the Mountain View giant's store saw its downloads rise 11.3% to 21.6 billion, while Ma's saw almost 8 billion downloaded apps.

App Store and Google Play App Downloads

Looking more closely at Sensor Tower numbers, you can see that iOS users continue to spend more ($ 14.2 billion) than those using Android ($ 7.7 billion), but in the last quarter Google Play saw a greater increase in consumption than the App Store 24% and 22.3% respectively.

Ranking of Most Downloaded Apps and Recipes

Once again, Facebook hit four of the five most downloaded apps of all (basically its main line of services): WhatsApp, Messenger, the Facebook app itself, and Instagram.

Among the most popular (and profitable) app categories are games even though the industry has seen a 2% drop in total revenue share this year. As with overall revenue, App Store users spent more on games ($ 9.8 billion, an increase of 19% over the same period last year).

Game Revenue on the App Store and Google Play

In this scenario, Tencent's PUGB Mobile game topped the revenue ranking with a revenue of $ 496 million. Meanwhile, the most lucrative in-game app was Tinder, which generated $ 233 million in recipe.

Despite an explosive release, Mario Kart Tour did not get enough to reach the top 100 box office games; Still, with just under a month since it hit app stores, the title has racked up over 90 million downloads, reaching third place in the ranking.

Sensor Tower estimates are slightly lower than those released by App Annie, which stated that during the third quarter of this year app stores saw revenue of $ 23 billion it's almost 31 billion downloads.

via TechCrunch