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App puts updated photos of Planet Earth as a background image on your Mac

Many of you certainly use or have used some NASA image as a wallpaper on your Mac, right? How about, then, an app that automates this process and brings almost real-time images of Planet Earth?

O Downlink, which is free, does just that: every 20 minutes (or every hour, if you prefer), it updates the macOS background image with a new Earth photo by the angle you prefer as it uses as source photos three geostationary satellites, which provide eight different angles.

Downlink app icon

Anyone who wants to play a little with the type of image used by Downlink can browse the GOES Image Viewer, website of the United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There is a wealth of angles and variations of images, for all tastes, with very high resolution.

The app requires macOS 10.11 or higher.

via @mvcmendes