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App helps visually impaired type text messages

Image: BBC News

There is one of the most beautiful film that tells the story of a worker with a congenital disease that leads to blindness. And the same will happen to your child. Its about Dancing in the Dark, from Danish filmmaker politician Lars von Trier. The plot of the film boils down to a mother's struggle to raise the money needed to pay for a preventive operation against her son's blindness. Now imagine if you will become blind overnight. Dancing in the Dark This is in the 1960s, when perhaps the means to minimize the difficulties of the visually impaired were scarce. Nevertheless, the system braille it already existed (in fact, it dates from the early nineteenth century !!!). Did things get better these days? Certainly, although we do not know how to extend the list of blind-specific advances. But braille has spread, especially if we think that various public or community places have inscriptions in that writing. But braille also means relief. After all, disabled people "read" with their fingers.

Well, in this regard, the advanced technology of smartphones, tablets or even of smart tvs It means a big return … at least for the visually impaired. The call touch screen it has no relief and the advances in touch screens are not significant. But why touch screen enemy of the visually impaired? Simply because if they cannot feel with their fingers a certain inscription or letter, they become completely blind and more: "illiterate". But that is about to change. And the road to such a change opens through an app that is about to be launched in the coming days. Your name: Brailletouch. An app especially made for the visually impaired and developed by researchers at Georgia Tech. With it, blind people can extend the use of their phones: in addition to making calls, they can now send messages faster.

How does Brailletouch work?

According to the BBC News website, Brailletouch uses a six finger controlled system and does not require any movement of the user's fingers. Simply place the phone in the landscape (horizontal) position and place your index, middle and ring fingers at the edges of the screen and type. Of course anyone typing will have to have a lot of concentration.

The app must have a verse for android. Perhaps the idea itself of Brailletouch is not long lived. After all, you may have thought that the technology involved in developing voice commands, like Apple's Siri, is advancing at full speed. However, it still quite fails. For now, this is a good solution. In addition to making way for touchscreen technology. Preventing the blind from becoming even blinder is undoubtedly one of the many challenges of today's technology.

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