[app grátis] Run Roo Run is the free app of the week chosen by Apple

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It remains unclear whether Apple decides to change the release date of the week’s app, or if it’s just the fact that we’re in turbulent launch days, but just today the company released the free app of the week: the iPhone, iPod game touch and iPad Run Roo Run.

In fact, it was free since Wednesday, so much so that we put it as a tip on our coverage page of the iPhone 5 event. If you didn’t follow the presentation with us and didn’t know about the promotion, enjoy and download it now while it’s free . It has Universal version.

Also check the iTunes Store Editors’ Choice:

This week the iPad version of the new episode of one of iOS’s best Tower Defense was released, after the iPhone / iPod version was released last month. Who has the new iPad and has already bought the iPhone version, need not worry, because the gameplay is practically the same, because the enlarged screen is with Retina resolution.