App created by Brazilians helps couples set goals and get to know each other

If you follow the Then you should know that we are pleased to release applications that can help you on a daily basis or with some specific task. This is even more rewarding when these apps are created by Brazilian hands, such as the Life for 2.

Developed by a team of students at Apple Developer Academy in Porto Alegre, the app was designed to strengthen the communication between the couple in a simple and fun way. In this sense, he works with individual goals, shared lists and profiles with personal information of his partner, such as size of clothes and shoes, birthdays, among others.

Life for 2 app icon

More specifically, the app allows you to create individual and couple goals; With each goal accomplished, you can update that goal with a photo so that your partner can follow and encourage you from the available reactions. In addition, the lists are shared and updated in real time for the couple to keep track of appointments and tasks quickly.

As we said, it is possible to set personal preferences and interests in the app. This feature can be a hand in hand when giving a gift, such as clothes and shoes, and the question arises about the right size of your partner's clothing / footwear as well as other interests such as favorite food, etc.

All of the above information is explained during the initial setup of the application, when the couple should also set their profile information. By recording the anniversary date of the relationship, an accountant displays the days, making it easy to count for commemorative dates.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the design of the app makes the experience even more enjoyable and intuitive. Show your love (literally) with Life for 2, available for free from the App Store.