App changes your gender and turns you into a man or woman; see how to use FaceApp has a feature to change the gender in photos that can transform the image of a woman into a man (and vice versa) in seconds. The effect inserts or removes hair and beard, without the user …

FaceApp has a feature to change the gender in photos that can transform the image of a woman into a man (and vice versa) in seconds. The effect inserts or removes hair and beard, without the user having to edit the image afterwards.

AppGeek shows how easy it is to make the transformation and have fun sharing the result with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or wherever you want.

To perform the step by step below you need to download the FaceApp application on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

1. Open FaceApp and tap To allow to authorize the application to have access to its image gallery;

2. If you want to take a photo right away, go to Chamber. If you prefer to use an image from the gallery, choose Photos. The program automatically filters your photographs and displays only selfies;

3. After taking the photo or selecting the one you want to modify, on the tab Editor, go in Genre;


4. Now, tap on the opposite gender to yours. Automatically, the app will make the transformation;

5. If you like the result, go to To apply;

6. If you want, you can apply other types of filters to the image, such as aging, background change, adjustments such as contrast and saturation, among other options. When you are finished editing, go to To save, at the top of the screen on the right;


7. The image is already saved. If you want to share the result on social networks, choose the icon of your preference;

8. There is also the option to create a montage with your image as a man and woman side by side. To do this, go to Before and after;

9. Then, tap To save to save to the gallery or choose a social network to share.

More apps that change the genre

In addition to FaceApp, there are other apps that promise to turn the user’s photo into the opposite genre. We have listed other good free options that turn people into men or women in different ways.

1. Snapchat


Snapchat was a pioneer in augmented reality filters and offers specific options for gender change. To use, you must have an account on the social network.

Then, just slide your finger to find the My Twin filter, fit your face in the frame and shoot or film. The result can be published on the platform itself or saved on the cell phone and shared in other applications.

2. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 allows you to make a gender change by merging your image with that of a person of the opposite sex. For this, it is possible to use a photo from the mobile gallery or any of the images available in the app.

The results are not as realistic and do not offer an adjustment option. Therefore, the app is a good choice for anyone who wants something funny for their friends to laugh.

  • Face Changer 2 (free, with in-app purchases): Android



MSQRD is yet another app option with augmented reality filters that allow you to take photos or videos in real time. While it does not offer a specific feature for gender change, there are some mustache and beard options for women to enjoy.

The experience is the same as that experienced in Facebook stories and Facebook Messenger chat. The app was purchased through the social network and the technology started to be used on the company’s platforms.

4. MixBooth


MixBooth works in a similar way to Face Changer 2. It is enough for the user to add their photo and indicate where the eyes, nose and chin are. Then, you can include the image of the other person or use one already available in the app.

The application mixes the two photos automatically and does not offer editing options. The results may not be the most realistic, but they are quite funny.

  • MixBooth (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

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