App Brings Back the Glory Days of iPod to Your iPhone [atualizado: foi-se]

I miss iPod? No, I don't mean iPod touch (which, to the surprise of many, is still on sale), but rather the traditional Apple music player experience with its good old Click wheel.

A few weeks ago, the world was delighted with the design of an application that would bring the experience to the iPhone.

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#throwbackthursday from the iPod? Yes, it is! Young designer Elvin Hu has always been a fan of one of Ma's most famous gadgets, and this motivated him to build a new iPhone app that recalls the iconic Click Wheel and Cover Flow visualization. In fact, the app is very reminiscent of how iPod classic works, with the ability to go through content from an interface that mimics Click Wheel control. The developer, however, does not know if the app will be approved by Apple when it is ready, precisely because it adopts one of the most known designs of the company. Former Apple executive and iPod "dad" Tony Fadell, however, "approved" the app by calling the creation of a good memory. And you, what did you think? (via @verge)

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Now another developer seems to have found the key to bringing the app to the real world and it's already between us under the name Rewound.

Sorry, app not found.

Developed by Louis Anslow of Rethought “Idea Agency”, Rewound uses special themes to make your iPhone not only an iPod, but any popular MP3 player in the early 2000s. Having the app removed from the store by Apple Since the iPod theme downloaded separately from the app, the software itself does not infringe any Ma intellectual property.

My iPhone is now an iPod.

The whole thing, even more developed than you can imagine, even counting on feedback It is customized to exactly simulate the nostalgic feel of the fingers sliding through the Click Wheel. For now, Rewound connects only to the Apple music, but Anslow said he had plans to integrate the Spotify to the app soon.

Rewound can be downloaded for free from the App Store with an internal purchase of R $ 8 to release some additional features. It is worth checking!

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 12/16/2019 18:17

Who took the advantage, took advantage: with the spread of Rewound in the media, Apple realized that shit approved something that was not due and now dealt with remove it from the app store.

In a Medium post, the app creator promises to bring it back as a web app in which, by the way, is inaccessible at the time we publish this post update.

It couldn't be much different from that, unfortunately.

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