Apocalypse Edition hits PCs today via Steam

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition chega hoje aos PCs pelo Steam

One of the main Xbox One launch titles, Dead Rising 3 hits PCs today via Steam.

Until then exclusive to Microsoft’s new generation console, Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition arrives today (5) on PCs. Developed by CAPCOM Vancouver, the new version of the title includes all the extra campaigns available for download on Xbox One.

The overall performance of the game has been optimized. Several issues reported by players on Xbox One have been fixed on the PC. Crashes, slowdowns and unstable framerate rates should not happen – of course, if your computer meets the minimum requirements. As the game’s performance only depends on the power of the machine, it is possible to unlock the 30fps framelock (present in the xOne version) and reach the desired 60fps constant. This kind of fluidity makes all the difference in games of the genre.

PC gamers still have a number of configurations available to customize the game. The Vsync and anti aliasing classics are present, as well as settings such as draw distance and quality of the zombie and character models. If you don’t like playing on the keyboard, rest assured: the Xbox 360 joystick and others that use the same button pattern are supported. The game still has full integration with Steamworks: cloud saves, in-home streaming, trading cards and achievements are available.