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Apndroid has always been known to be a useful tool that helps with Internet connection from a mobile device. This is a very interesting option especially for users with limited plans. However, many of the latest devices on the market have services similar to Apndroid and already integrated into the system. Find out with us if Apndroid is still useful despite this last aspect mentioned.

Functions & Usage

Device: HTC One S with Android 4.0.3

Not much has changed about Apndroid's primary function: The app prevents any Internet connection through the button, overriding the Access Point Name (APN) so that the device no longer knows where to connect. This means that all app and device data connections can be blocked by tapping the widget or by accessing the app. The current status can be viewed in the notification bar. Such a function is fine and works perfectly and instantly.

The app also displays all apps that connect to the Internet when the mobile data network is enabled. The display respects the division of active and inactive apps. All to let you know which apps are using the Internet at any given time and which ones aren't. To prevent apps from connecting to the Internet, you can also simply close everything, which, in our view, is not always advisable. It would be wise to be able to view the statistics that bring the data consumption of each of the apps and also of the device in general. Such statistics should be focused only on the active phase of the mobile network. All of this to allow the user to make decisions regarding the use of the data connection.

Conclusion:Apndroid does what it proposes to do very well and without so many fru-frus. The app is somewhat minimalist, so you shouldn't expect anything special. The question that remains silent is how Apndroid's function has been offered on new Android devices, so how important is it? For those who do not have such devices, it is a big choice, no doubt. And for those who have, the app makes everything very clear and didactic regarding the consumption of data from the Internet. Apndroid can be used through a plugin with Local and Tasker.

Screen & Controls

The user interface of Apndroid is clean and simple. Not to mention that the app is compatible with Android 4.0. Best of all, the app developer has the best relationship with their client users and is always on hand to resolve any issues and questions.

Speed ​​& Stability

Apndroid performed very well during the testing period it underwent. No crash or interruption experience has been verified.

Price / Performance Ratio

Apndroid costs 1.77 euros or $ 4.40 and can be downloaded from our App Center. There is, of course, a free version with banner advertising. Perhaps the price is slightly higher than expected as there are free features similar to this on more current devices.

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