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AnyWatt campaigning on Kickstarter could be the USB-C MagSafe adapter we've always dreamed of

Much has been said here and throughout the trade press about Apple's controversial decision to abandon one of its biggest inventions of the past decade, the MagSafe, for a computer fully equipped with only Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports. So this time, I'm not going to criticize Ma for this obsession with making your computers ever thinner even if it means killing important resources. I swear today I won't complain about the fact that, after 11 years, people can again stumble upon the loader of their MacBooks and destroy the precious machines, which is a good nonsense anyway.

Some accessories have already surfaced on the internet with the promise of adapting one of the Thunderbolt3 / USB-C ports of the new MacBooks (Pro) to a magnetic connection, such as Snapnator. None of them, however, allowed the user to use one of their old MagSafe chargers on their latest Mac. So far this one AnyWatt:

The design of the Kickstarter materializes in the form of something resembling a trumpet pendulum from the beginning of the century, but whose function is entirely different. Its USB-C tip connects AnyWatt to any device that offers this input and supports charging via it (yes, it can be a recent MacBook or a Windows laptop, or even an Android smartphone); the opposite end has one of the following three entries, depending on the model you choose: one for rectangular-tipped laptop chargers, one for circular-tipped laptop chargers, and the third, most interesting, has a MagSafe 2 slot.

Don't ask me how a little startup managed to develop the accessory, considering that MagSafe technology related patents are still under lock and key at Apple; The fact is that should AnyWatt ever see the light of day and the developers seem extraordinarily confident about its production, the bug can put its old Mac loaders to the back of a drawer and put it to the top again, and to top it off. , bring the benefit of a magnetic charger to your new MacBook (Pro).

It is also worth noting that, since AnyWatt supports the new USB-C PD standard, it automatically adjusts the charge level offered to the device in question so that there are no overloads or short circuits; In theory, therefore, you don't have to worry about connecting your 85W MagSafe charger to your Google Pixel, for example. Imagine how cool!

If this all sounds too good to be true, I don't know the fact that AnyWatt has already far exceeded the goal on Kickstarter and should start production soon, as the first units are due for delivery in September. You can guarantee yours in the campaign by contributing $ 19 (~ R $ 63), and they deliver worldwide. What about?

via The Verge