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Are you prepared to meet a novelty? Are you one of those who like danger-related adrenaline (of course, we're talking about virtual danger, don't worry)? Are you looking for something that stimulates your gray layer? So read our review on Another World and see if this game meets all this demand.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2When Starting Another World, a menu will appear before the background image of the game's protagonist standing on a cliff, stretching his arms in the wind. You can verify the data at this point. The key icon at the bottom of the screen reveals the highest score achieved and in the middle of the screen there are three other buttons: the highest to start the game, the middle to the settings and the lower one to access resources. help the game.

To configure the controls and the difficulty level, just access the settings. It is also possible to change the resolution and the graphics. The upper left button is for volume adjustment. There are two different control options: Touch and Digital Pad, meaning you can use both your fingers and arrow buttons. You can jump, walk and, most importantly, run left or right.

The game controls are super quiet and you can master them in no time. For example, if you are using Touch mode and touch one of the lower angles, the character will go that direction. Slide up and he jumps and down he crawls. To go right, keep your finger pressed on the right side of the screen. To run, simply click on the screen twice and once if you want to stop.

Weapons are also available and are equally easy to use. For example, to destroy a wall, just keep tapping its edges until it explodes. Be sure to use a shield if an opponent is nearby (by pressing the edge for a long time).

If you still have difficulty with the controls, use the Help section to resolve your questions.

But what's behind Another World? What's your story? It is, in fact, a physicist struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, which causes it to be transported to another dimension, another world. Your goal is to help you get back from this world. For this you will have to go through some challenges. The progress achieved is saved after each scene.

As you start the game, you can see a narrative that explains all of this story above. We must admit, however, that we were a little confused when it all started. We do not know very well what to do. You can start walking in two directions and we don't know which one to take. Nevertheless, it didn't take long for us to be meeting the challenges of the game. What makes this game so interesting is its diversity.

Conclusion:Another World seems to be complex at first, but over time you have a great experience playing it. Challenges are a lot of fun, especially when you start to realize that there is more than one way to solve them, even though it's just the right answer. If you like to win challenges, this is the missing game on your smartphone.

Screen & Controls

Another World seems to be a game of another era. We are of the opinion that this is premeditated. Either way, it's still an easy game to play and navigate. You can change the settings to get Help in the middle of a match. Incidentally, the Help section is really useful. Otherwise, we will have gotten lost amid the controls. Once all is well learned, the game becomes very interesting.

Speed ​​& Stability

Another World is very fast and stable. There were no interruptions during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Another World costs 1.99 or $ 5.17 and will not disappoint anyone who likes retro games. It is the kind of game that arouses the desire of the player to always return to improve their score and to solve the challenges. We recommend without any doubt of a doubt.

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