Another website bets on the arrival of “AirPods 2” on March 29

The “AirPods 2” today, they are the topic of most disagreement between analysts and the famous “people familiar with Apple’s plans”. Why do I say that? Because the rumors surrounding the arrival of the second generation of Apple wireless headphones are unlike any other.

Some are betting on a launch in this first semester; others believe that we will now see “only” the arrival of the wireless charging case (along with the infamous AirPower), with the second generation appearing only later in the year.

Now the Applesfera (which does not have a history of errors / hits there to be evaluated) stated that the “AirPods 2” will be launched in March 29th.

The date, if you haven’t looked at a calendar yet, falls on a Friday; and rumors indicate that a special Apple event will be held on the 25th (Monday), in which the new news and subscription services will be presented streaming of video.

But the Applesfera didn’t “kick” that date, of course: according to them, the launch will happen on the 29th because they had access to a screenshot of Apple’s “product inventory and logistics management software”, which says that AirPods originals will “die” on the 28th.

It is worth noting that the Greek website also set the 29th as the official date for the arrival of the “AirPods 2”. That is, in the sea of ​​rumors, at least two vehicles (without a history of hits, it is good to always make it clear) are betting on the same date.

The possibility of seeing new AirPods arriving now in March exists, but according to @OnLeaks (which has a great record of hits) and Ming-Chi Kuo (analyst who hits most in the Apple world), for example, a second generation of wireless headphones will stay for the second half or even 2020.

The truth is that even the news that will come in these “AirPods 2” are still fuzzy – rumors cover, for example, the arrival of features like “What’s up, Siri” (something already “confirmed” by iOS itself), a new color black and a new less slippery coating, noise cancellation, etc.

As always, we can only wait.



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