Rear of iMac Pro with VESA mounting kit

Another story shows Apple’s total unpreparedness when offering support for the iMac Pro

Just over a month ago, we covered here on the website the story of Linus Sebastian’s iMac Pro, whose repair of the broken screen was denied by Apple. The case now is completely different, but it also involves the iMac Pro and, again, it shows the total unpreparedness of Apple in offering support for this machine … professional.

Quinn Nelson, from Snazzy Labs, tells the whole story in the video above (over 12 minutes). Basically, he had problems with VESA mounting kit that you bought with your iMac Pro. Contrary to previous models, in the case of iMac Pro, Apple sells this support separately (US $ 80 in the United States, R $ 600 in Brazil), and the user himself is the one who switches between them and the original table base.

Rear of iMac Pro with VESA mounting kit

Two months after buying the iMac Pro, Nelson had to remove the VESA mount and put the original in place, and then the problems started. One of the original screws on the holder broke and he could no longer remove it. Obviously, then he resorted to Apple’s technical assistance.

The story goes from there between difficulties finding someone at Apple able to handle the iMac Pro, communication delays / failures, parts damaged by Genius and even a new VESA assembly kit with the same problem – in the first attempt to remove it, plus a broken screw.

In tweets published today [1, 2], after the video was aired, Nelson said that Apple has already agreed to completely change his machine, but continues to criticize not only the unpreparedness of the company’s team to handle cases related to the iMac Pro, but obviously for selling a VESA assembly kit. so vagabond (or at least with screws so vagabond).

Nelson’s case will certainly have a happy ending after all, but Apple definitely needs to resolve this internal situation of the iMac Pro. It doesn’t correspond, by far, to what professionals should expect after investing in such an expensive computer.

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