Another source "confirms" release of MacBook Pro 16 ″ in October

, guys, you can go marking on your calendars: we'll see the 16-inch MacBook Pro in October next Apple, of course, has not confirmed anything, but considering the number of reasonably reliable sources reiterating the rumor, it is hard to believe that anything other than that if there is no cyclone (real or figurative) in Cupertino until then. Today, one more vehicle has corroborated the speculation.

This time, the information comes from the Taiwanese research firm. TrendForce. Company analysts published a report with notebook market forecasts in the third quarter of 2019, and, amid the forecasts of various brands and sub-segments, we have a brief mention of Ma's future machine:

According to forecasts for notebook sales in the third quarter, demand for Chromebooks remains high due to the back-to-school period; at the same time we will see new products coming to the shelves as Apple's 16-inch MacBookDell's new 16:10-screen products, ASUS's dual-screen laptop, and several new gaming laptops, which are in increasing demand.

The report speaks of a "16-inch MacBook", but of course TrendForce is referring to the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has already been spoken by several analysts and vehicles with reliable sources. As we have seen recently, the new machine is more likely to replace the 15-inch MacBooks Pro and Apple will introduce its new creation next October.

Other speculation about the new machine claims that it restarts the keyboards with scissor mechanism at Apple, ending the years of the (failed) experiment with the butterfly engine. It was also said that the computer would be the first MacBook with an OLED display, but these rumors have cooled down that we are likely to see a Ma handheld with this display technology soon, but the October release should still come with an LCD display.

Adding these rumors to the talk about possible new iPads, we can expect an Apple special event in October, of course, if the company has two keynotes in just over a month, since in September we will have the introduction of the new iPhones. This has already happened, but it may also be that Ma prefers to introduce the new MacBook Pro simply with a press release; We'll have to wait and see.

via iDownloadBlog