Another site “confirms” new iPad release soon

Apple's favorite analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had already raised the possibility that Apple would launch a iPad mini in this year; shortly after, the China Times corroborated the information by saying that one new 9.7 inch iPad would also be released; the came the DigiTimes stating that, in fact, Apple should launch new iPads in the first half of 2019, but that the 9.7 ″ tablet would give way to a new, 10 inches.

9.7 inch iPadSixth generation iPad with 9.7 inch screen

Now the Macotakara got on the wave, reporting that according to sources in Ma's supply chain the company is preparing to launch its seventh generation iPad as well as the fifth generation iPad mini.

They did not bring any new information about the possible releases, saying only the larger model keep 3.5mm audio output and the Touch ID has not been commented on the iPad mini, but it seems that it also keep those same characteristics.

The Japanese website also reported that at least one source "confirmed" the change from 9.7 ″ to 10 ″ (probably due to a decrease in edges, thus increasing the display area).

As nothing has been commented, we can expect such models to come with the Lightning connector instead of the USB-C (which would only be available on Apple's line of professional tablets). That is, expect only occasional improvements in the processor, who knows more RAM, some possible improvement of cameras and technologies involving display, etc.

As it is not a very relevant release, it is also doubtful if Apple releases such models silently (just making everything available on its website / stores and releasing a press release) or whether it intends to introduce the new tablets at any event ( who knows what should happen on March 25).

via AppleInsider