Another member of Jony Ive's team leaves Apple; Apple Music hires Google executive

Another member of Jony Ive's team leaves Apple; Apple Music hires Google executive

The movement of employees arriving or leaving Cupertino continues all the time, and we are about to make a fresh look at the most relevant of these past few weeks.

Miklu Silvanto

Miklu Silvanto, designer who was part of Jony Ive's team

Jony Ive lost another member of his industrial design team after leaving three at the end of last month.

Miklu Silvanto was hired by Samara (more specifically for its internal initiative Backyard focused on creating new modern home styles), Airbnb's design studio, according to Dezeen. He was eight years at Apple.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London (United Kingdom), Silvanto is 38 and has worked with Ive's select group since leaving his design agency aivan! In September 2011.

Lindsay rothschild

While some go, others come: Lindsay rothschild has just been named head of creative services for publishing in North America for Apple Music as reported to Variety.

Lindsay rothschild

Rothschild comes from Google, where he worked with relations with composers and publishers for YouTube and also with the development of music publishing business on both YouTube and Google Play.

From 2013 to 2015, the executive managed product development for Disney Music Group & Disney Theater Group. She has also worked for a few years at Warner Music Group, meaning she has plenty of experience.

John Wu

There is a new intern in the area: John Wu, creator of Magisk, spend at least four experimental months in Cupertino.

Wu is well known in the Android world for enthusiasts who enjoy messing with root as well as creating custom ROMs kinda how to do Jailbreak in the Android world.

Wu's accomplishments must have caught Apple's eye, even at the age of 23. Hopefully he will contribute something cool there! 😉

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