Another leaker says that “iPhones 12 Pro” will have 120Hz displays

If there is a rumor that has caused more doubt than clarification, it is that the next iPhones will have displays with refresh rates up to 120Hz.

In fact, there are those who believe that only flagships will count on it, while others say that this news will not arrive this year. Anyway, there is now one more supporter of the idea that the novelty will be launched on Pro models.

A reliable source, if there is no change, [disse que] the “iPhone 12 Pro” and the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” will have a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz.

Apple already uses displays with this technology (refresh rate variable) on iPad Pro, under the “ProMotion” brand. This feature dynamically adjusts the display according to the content of the screen, allowing for more fluid scrolling, greater responsiveness and more reliable colors – in addition to saving battery power, since in times of “idle” the rate does not need to stay at 120Hz.

It is worth noting that the leaker above does not usually comment on Apple’s plans, but it is a well-known source (and with good credibility) when it comes to rumors from Samsung – which should supply the top-of-the-line displays of the next iPhones, as seen in the table below. below.

In addition, some testers of the beta version of iOS 14 noticed a setting in the accessibility settings that limits the display refresh rate to 60 frames per second. The configuration, which does not appear to all beta users, also suggests that the next iPhones will be able to achieve higher frame rates.

If you access Settings »Accessibility» Movement, you can see an option to limit the maximum frame rate of the screen to 60 frames per second (@JunoTecho sent me the screenshot). But why, if the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen doesn’t go beyond that anyway?

Curious, isn’t it?

via MacRumors