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Another lawsuit: company accuses Apple of infringing GPS patents

Al, Cupertino legal department: there's more work for you guys coming up! According to AppleInsider, Ma received another patent infringement-related back lawsuit this time from a company called Location Based Technologies (LBT).

Location Based Technologies (LBT) PocketFinder

Contrary to what usually happens with infamous Patent trolls, LBT a company with a real and marketed product: the PocketFinder, a line of extremely rugged GPS devices that can be used to track vehicles, personal effects or even people. Devices connect to an app on iOS (or Android) and can be customized and managed from there.

It is precisely the technology that enables PocketFinder to function at the heart of the lawsuit against Apple: according to the LBT, Ma is infringing five company patents (8,497,774, 8,542,113, 8,102,256, 8,421,618 and 8,421,619), relating to energy saving features in geo-locating devices.

More specifically, the charge refers to technologies in the iPhone and iPad that suspend certain processes under certain circumstances, based on that of location sensors, to save battery power. One such technology is face-down detection, which uses accelerometer and gyroscope to determine when an iPhone is face down on a surface and automatically turns off the dashboard and mutes notifications from the device.

According to LBT, Apple was notified of alleged infringements in the past month, but has not commented. The lawsuit is being filed at the Delaware District Court in the US, but there is no prediction of when it will be tried. The Mother, as usual, remained silent about the accusations.