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Another game arrives at Apple Arcade; releases are featured in new video

Last Monday, we commented on the addition of a new title to the Apple Arcade, the game Rosie’s Reality. Now, in the same week, Apple decided to add another novelty to the platform: Release the Prism (in English, Unleash the Light).

Developed by cartoon Network, the game is based on the children’s series Steven Universe, so the RPG includes several features of the animation, such as characters, cast voices and more.

In Steven Universe: Unlock the Prism, your skills can save the day. Newly added to #AppleArcade, play now:

Although Apple Arcade titles are not available to all users, Steven Universe fans who do not subscribe to the Apple service can immerse themselves in the character’s magical world in the game Attack on Prism, which was once the highlight of the week and has a similar story to the new title.

Attack on Prism app icon

Latest Apple Arcade highlights

The Cupertino giant also shared a new video on its YouTube channel highlighting some Apple Arcade “releases” – some of the titles have been available for a while on the Apple gaming platform.

There are so many amazing new games on Apple Arcade this month. Touch the joystick on the App Store to play them.

Some highlights of the video are:

  • Redout: Space Assault: promises the “fastest, most epic and exciting space battle you can face”.
  • The Mosaic: a game “of dark, surreal and atmospheric adventure”.
  • Takeshi and Hiroshi: an animation about two brothers that combines the world of animation and RPG.
  • Sociable Soccer: a sports game that “is a new vision of the classic football genre”.
  • Monomals: a children’s game that encourages players to fish in the high seas using the soundtrack.

What else do you expect to reach Apple Arcade? Tell us!

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