Concept video demonstrates one of the many features that Force Touch can perform on the iPhone

Another “confirmation” appears that the new iPhones will have Force Touch technology

In what we still need more “confirmations”, after all the Force Touch even the big bet / novelty of the iPhone 6s. Rumors about the incorporation of technology in the Apple smartphone do not stop surfacing, but now the hacker / developer Hamza Sood seems to have found the greatest proof of all so far:

See this enableDeepPress? For this is nothing more than a reference to Force Touch in the codes of Apple's mobile operating system, showing that the idea is to take the technology to iPhones and, who knows, also to iPads.

Rumors point to a special Apple event on September 9, which is likely the company will use it to present its new smartphone to the world. Last night, there was also information about the possible place where this event will take place.

(via AppleInsider)