Wi-Fi 6 is officially launched; new iPhones already incorporate the standard

Another company sues Apple for Wi-Fi-related patent infringement

The pica soap opera of the dispute against Qualcomm seems to have finally (finally!) is over, but that doesn't mean Apple's legal department is free of all the world's problems. Recently, one more company sued Ma on the grounds that the Cupertino giant infringed its patents.

The ball of the Red Rock Analytics, a company with all the characteristics of a Patent troll That is, companies that do nothing really productive, such as services or products, and only profit from patent-based processes that register / buy.

As reported by AppleInsider, said whose sued Ma in the notorious East Texas District for alleged infringement of its patent number 7,346,313, which describes the operation of Wi-Fi transceiver technologies in electronic devices. The process covers most of Ma's mobile devices, including smartphones from iPhone 4 on, iPads Pro and the Apple TV 4K.

Red Rock had sued Samsung on another occasion based on the same patent, but South Korea has responded with another lawsuit and the imbroglio is still running rampant. In the current lawsuit, Red Rock asks Apple to be prevented from continuing to practice the infraction, as well as a cash payment for the damages and costs of its attorneys. It was not specified how much these values ​​would be, however.

It is not yet known when the East Texas District judges the case, but we will be aware of any relevant developments.