Another Apple employee arrested for stealing Project Titan secrets

Another Apple employee arrested for stealing Project Titan secrets

O Titan Project may have an uncertain future (even due to the recent layoff of some employees), but that does not mean that Ma's designs for its own autonomous car system do not continue to attract much interest from competitors (or aspiring competitors) of the company . Proof of this that, for the second time in less than six months, a Cupertino employee was stuck accused of stealing project secrets.

As the newspaper reported NBC Bay Area, the chinese engineer Jizhong Chen he was arrested after an investigation by Apple's global security team accused him of stealing intellectual property from the company related to Project Titan. The first suspicions about Chen's crime came when he was spotted taking pictures of a confidential area in Cupertino; then an analysis of the employee's computer showed over 2,000 secret files (manuals, diagrams, schematics and photos of Apple offices and projects) saved there improperly.

Looking further, Ma's security team discovered that Chen had recently applied for a new job at a Chinese company (which was not specified) in autonomous car technologies, meaning the stolen information had the right address. In fact, the engineer had a flight to China scheduled for the day after his arrest, so Apple narrowly missed his secrets spread across the world.

The Apple security team handed over the evidence of the crime to the FBI, which in turn carried out the arrest of the employee (now, of course, a former employee). Through a spokesman, Ma said that he "takes confidentiality and the protection of his intellectual property very seriously" and that "he is working with the authorities on the matter and will leave all clarifications to the FBI".

Now, a question: two employees have already been caught. How many others have escaped inclumes?

via AppleInsider