Production of iPads and iPhones could make Apple the largest semiconductor buyer in the world

Another analyst corroborates information about iPad production delays

That is why we do not have an open and official communication with Apple: first, an analyst says that factories in Taiwan would be in trouble and could harm the launch of the iPad; then, a vehicle in contact with Foxconn (Ma's main supplier) denies the information; now, another analyst corroborates the former's claims.

According to Vijay Rakesh, an analyst at ThinkEquity, the production of the iPad in Taiwan could face a few initial delays. Rumors indicate that the product hits the market on March 26.

"IPad manufacturing should have skyrocketed in February, but March volumes are still low," said Rakesh in his remarks. According to him, Apple would now have 200 to 250 thousand units of his tablet, which could reach 800 thousand or even 1 million in April / May alone.

According to the analyst, this delay would not have to do with glass or the manufacturing processes of the product itself.

(via AppleInsider)