Anker PowerCore Fusion, mixed wall charger and power bank

Anker launches wall charger with internal battery to work away from the outlet

In the incredibly wide range of manufacturers of accessories and peripherals for electronics of all sorts, Anker stands out with well-thought-out solutions that don’t cost too much. The newest creation of the company goes precisely in this line by joining a wall charger with its own battery, which serves to supply power to your devices when you are away from an outlet.

The product has the name of a prince: called PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery and Charger, he plays a double life. When plugged in, it is a relatively common wall charger capable of supplying up to 42W of power to two devices – 30W through its USB-C port, enough to charge laptops (but not the maximum speed), and 12W through the USB port -THE.

The most interesting part is the power bank: using a technology based on gallium nitride, Anker was able to insert into this compact body (it is about the same size as the wall charger of recent Macs, for example) an internal 5,000mAh battery, which can continue to recharge your devices even after the accessory is unplugged.

The product also has a wheel of LEDs that indicate the level of charge remaining in its internal battery, which is automatically recharged while you use it as a wall charger. The only inconvenience is that the accessory does not have, like Apple chargers, the removable / replaceable outlet plug – that is, to use it in other countries, you will need adapters.

Anker PowerCore Fusion, mixed wall charger and power bank

PowerCore Fusion is available in two colors, black and white, for $ 100 in the American Apple store – it is the first time that Apple sells an Anker product, by the way. It is good to note that it does not come with any type of cable, so you will need to use your current one or purchase a spare. Still, very cool, isn’t it?

via The Verge