AnimojiStudio, by developer Guilherme Rambo, is an independent app for Animojis with everything we are entitled to

Last week, we commented here on the site quickly about SBSAnimoji, an app that allowed to record videos with Animojis of up to 20 seconds. From there to now, it has been updated and is now able to go up to 60 seconds.

But now we have a much better tip, and this is a creation of our good and known old man Guilherme Rambo. She is called AnimojiStudio.

Like SBSAnimoji, AnimojiStudio uses the framework Apple's private AvatarKit. That is, it is impossible for it to be submitted for approval on the App Store. This is the big negative point of both apps; to use them, you need to compile the code yourself using Xcode and install it manually on your iPhone X.

If you know how to do that, it's wonderful; you'll love AnimojiStudio. Rambo was able to enable unlimited recordings (!) Through the app and added extra functions such as customizing the background color, making live streams, enabling / disabling the microphone and, in the most recent update, it gained a specific mode for integrated karaok videos to Spotify Premium.

It is really a great pity that such an app cannot go to the Apple store. But maybe it’s just a matter of time, right? Leaving these fun Animojis “stuck” to iMessage is a big waste, after all. 🙊

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in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 11.3.1 (7.8 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.4 or superior