Animoji could gain voice recognition and sound effects

As well as filing a number of patents related to hardware or design, Apple also registers future technologies that may (or may not) reach its software. Among these, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a document on an Apple patent related to one of its most recent appeals: Animoji.

Introduced next to iPhone X last year, Animojis are basically animated versions of popular emoji. Although Apple has added some new features to the feature since it was released, it seems that the company has more ideas coming out of the oven.

In this regard, a patent application filed by Apple last February but published only this week describes a technology related to “facial expression-based voice effects”; that is, how the user's facial expression can trigger certain sound and visual effects.

This can mean even more interaction with the user, so that certain facial expressions can trigger pre-recorded sound effects, replacing a person's voice when he says a certain word (such as “bark”), similar option to replace words with emojis in iMessage.

The features of the voice feature and the features of the facial feature can be extracted from the audio and video signals, respectively. In some instances, in response to the detection of a request to view the avatar clip, an adjusted audio signal may be generated based at least in part on the features of the facial feature and the features of the voice feature.

In Animoji's case, he already uses the facial tracking components on the front camera of iPhone X and later to make facial mapping possible. Speech recognition isn't new either: Siri itself works on this technology from the iPhone 6s.

While the patent application does not necessarily mean that something like this will be implemented, it indicates that the company is at least interested in improving the appeal. We can only hope that Apple will enjoy the result and implement the news in a future iOS update.

via Apple World Today