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Animated wallpapers with Komorebi

Use animated wallpapers on your Ubuntu, a tip for those who like to customize the system.

Personalization Something very particular, each person has their style and taste. In the Linux Desktop scenario it is very common to see various customizations in beautiful themes, icons and wallpapers. If you are part of this select group that is always filling your system with perfumery, today's tutorial for you.


O Komorebi It is an application that allows you to use video as wallpaper, making your desktop almost alive. With an animated wallpaper, your computer can have more to your face, be it a snippet of some anime, movie or video you like, or animations created with that in mind. I guarantee people around will admire and ask: how did you do that?

Requirements for a good functioning of Komorebi

Using near-live wallpaper can be painful for some hardware. Of course, you can do your tests and see if in your configuration the software is not so heavy. My personal recommendation is a processor configuration at least dual core, quad core upwards is best and starting with 6GB of RAM. That if policing a lot, would be above 8GB of RAM. It is also interesting to disable the feature when performing more complex tasks such as editing images and videos, rendering, games, etc.

Using Komorebi

Komorebi has a simple understanding operation. Just run the application that an animated wallpaper will appear on your system. Right-clicking on your desktop and going to Desktop Preferences A window with some options will appear. Here you can enable a clock, desktop icons or videos as wallpapers. In addition, you can choose which wallpaper to use.


To select the wallpaper in Komorebi, go to the second tab named Wallpapers. Select the desired theme and click the Hide button to hide the window with options.


There is a possibility to create your own themes for Komorebi. Natively the application allows this with the program Wallpaper Creator. Create themes with images or videos, and make your own animated wallpapers.

life-wallpaper-linux-ubuntu-mint-komorebi-video-engine A site that I recommend to download various themes for Komorebi, the Akiba Illusion. Themes are in DEB format. Here are some Akiba themes.

Komorebi Download and Install

Desktop error resolution caused by Komorebi

If an error occurs, after running Komorebi and disabling it. This error makes it impossible to use the desktop, even with closed Komorebi. Run the script I made to correct such a problem. You can download the script by this link..

First give the permission to execute the script:

sudo chmod + x

Execute, right after:


If the error still persists, try this command (referring to an image you want to use as a wallpaper and fix the problem):

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri / path / yours / wallpaper

Komorebi is a very interesting program to customize the system, you can create your themes graphically or download others from third parties. Particularly I like to do the themes on the nail, and this will be the next post when approaching Komorebi () again.

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