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Angry Birds Star Wars Review + Download

Check out our review of the new Angry Birds

Just one more?

Rovio has just launched another version of the popular Angry Birds, who says there was not much innovation, which is a sad misconception, the new version Star Wars with Lucas Arts, three series of characters, new powers and ways Of destroying the blessed 'evil pigs', which in turn has new ways of defending themselves, in addition to the classic style of play, some stages carry the same style used in the Space version.

The version free enough to take hours of your work, studies and etc., a game worth taking in your android.

I take the post to welcome the guys who follow the blog, my name Elian Medeiros and I have a degree in system analysis and development, working with development for over 6 years, currently working with game development and above all linux lover .


Negative points

New Characters

a heavy app

Gameplay changed

It takes a lot of processing

Story with a fun content

Incompatible with many appliances

More powers, with much more possibilities

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