Angry Birds Star Wars 2 invests in the pig side out!

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 invests in the pig side out!

My first impression of the second version of Angry Birds Star Wars was that it would just be another saga game with the same sequences and challenges. However, as soon as I was able to join the Federation of Pigs, I saw a different but challenging game with more neat graphics. Understand why it's worth playing on the dark side of the outside!

Angry birds star wars 2
Come to the Federation of Pigs and have more fun. / AndroidPIT

For the first time, the game developer endorsed the idea of ​​players flirting with pigs as well. Darth Maul, Darth Vader and General Grievous are some of the George Lucas series characters who inspired Rovio devs and lent some characters to the protagonists of Angry Birds Star Wars 2.

In this version, the focus of the game is not a large number of stages, but the amount of characters. In all there are 34 characters and you can change them at any time. Of course this will cost players some coins. The game also instigates who is in charge with bonus chapters and rewards. There are about 66 levels in each universe (Pigs / Birds) and the phases are linked as if they were phases of a platform game.

Angry birds star wars 2 Phases
Challenges exist for both sides, but the most exciting belong to the world of pigs! / AndroidPIT


Episode 1 of this version is inspired by the movie "The Phantom Menace". Chronologically, this is the milestone that unleashes the whole story: the chaos of the Galactic Republic leading to a blockade of the planet Naboo and, later, war.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a strategy game where you take down the enemy in the first round the most important. When you side with the birds, the game doesn't evolve so much in terms of challenges. Perhaps because this is the first time that Rovio has put pigs as protagonists as well, levels on the Federation side are more original and attractive. The player needs more cunning to dismantle the battlefield pass.

Link to video on YouTube.

To make the game more attractive, Rovio added an increment called TelePods. Physical dolls that are scanned when positioned over the device camera you are using to play ABSW2. Anyway, they will be sold in some countries through Hasbro. As I have not been able to experiment, I can not tell if they are interesting for the experience in the game.

ABSW 2 battle
on the left, the space of the pigs; To the right, the space of the birds! / AndroidPIT

In-App Purchases

A fairly common feature among Android developers has been incorporated into the game. To unlock characters, users can use real money if they do not reach the required score to earn coins in the game.


  • Set up a plan that will disarm all birds / pigs in just one round, so you get the three stars and more points.
  • Enjoy maps and other hidden gifts in the battle scene as they help burn steps and count as points.
  • Make sure you score as high as it will make it easier to get new characters.
  • Beware of ims as they really attract the characters.

Price and availability

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is now available on the Google Play Store for free for Android users. The basic requirements are Android 2.3 or higher and enough memory to store 42 MB of the game.

If you have already downloaded Angry Birds Star Wars 2 leave a comment below telling you a bit about your experience with the Rovio game.

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