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Angry Birds Space – The Saga Continues

If we can talk about a cult in the gaming world, we can certainly mention Angry Birds. The app was a popularity hit, but, like everyone else in the world today, your fans got tired of playing the same game. And of course Rovio realized that and created Angry Birds Space. Is this the same litany as usual? Take a look at our review and see what changes in the new episode of stressed birds.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.0.4Mods: MCRThe first impression that Angry Birds goes on is a very cool game. There are bubbles, flying pigs and a scenery in the animated outer space. And once again the birds are hunting the pigs in four different worlds. Their room is freely available for Samsung devices. Each world contains four levels and comes with a special design. And what sounds most familiar to us all: crazy birds looking for little pigs.

And, of course, there are different kinds of birds: those that explode, one that turns into three, muscular birds, giant birds. And a new bird on the pedestal is one that changes direction when we launch it with the slingshot. This means that hidden pigs, that is, those that are difficult to reach, became more vulnerable. The ice bird already freezes everything and explodes.

Another significant change is the gravity factor. Some pigs hide on planets and moons whose degrees of gravitational pull vary. This means that the pitch distance needs to be well calibrated so that the birds can reach the hidden pigs. Some piggies, however, are in places with zero gravity. Be aware, therefore.

ConclusionAngry Birds Space represents a significant change from Rovio's classic game. Of course some elements of the celebrated game are still present so your hardcore fans can enjoy this new version too. The fact that is worth investing in it.

Screen & Controls

The controls of Angry Birds Space are very simple. In fact, the controls are so good that the app has become a reference when it comes to touchscreen controls. The animations are very fun and quite faithful to the classic Angry Birds style. And now it brings all this galactic atmosphere.

Speed ​​& Stability

Angry Birds Space was very stable and fluid during the tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Angry Birds Space can be downloaded for free. What may bother you a little are the advertising banners, but nothing that can not be tolerated, considering that the game is very good. For those who don't like banners, the non-advertising version costs 0.76 (around $ 1.81)

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