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Angry Birds Space: Red Planet – Birds fly to Mars

If you have an Android or iOS device, chances are you've played Angry Birds at least once. The fun game gets you hooked, often throws up some challenges and constantly updated by developer Rovio with new maps, stories and levels. Angry Birds Space was Rovio's latest creation, with downloads exceeding 100 million in just over two months. However, if you are completely addicted and need more levels, then you will be glad to know that an update will be available soon and take the angry moonbirds to Mars.

Rovio has confirmed that Angry Birds Space: Red Planet is a new game that will be released in the spring of the Southern Hemisphere and is focused on visual enhancements, new maps and some history changes. There is no official release date or stipulated amount, but we are hoping for a free version in September or October.

I used to play Angry Birds, these days I have other preferences, such as specializing in an app for playing drums (not being easy, but one spends time). But I know that the game still has a very large and continuous user base. So here is the promotional video for the Angry Birds Space: Red Planet update:

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