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Angry Birds Seasons Honors Chinese New Year and Already at Market

Those who are a bit more connected to Chinese horscopes know that January 23 is the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. THE Rovio, a company that developed the famous Angry Birds, decided to celebrate the arrival of another year in the Chinese calendar. The project Angry Birds Seasons It is already in full swing and the theme "Year of the Dragon" is not the first in the series of many updates that will still come to one of the most celebrated games today.

Previous to Angry Birds Seasons – Year of the Dragon, Rovio had paid tribute to the Halloween, for example. According to Rovio's website, the Year of the Dragon, which is now available on the Android Market, comes packed with fireworks, lanterns and Chinese knots. In addition, the Mighty guide becomes the Mighty Dragon and is freely available to all Angry Birds fans.

To download Angry Birds Seasons, visit the Android Market page.

Follow below the update teaser videos mentioned above (Halloween and Year of the Dragon). And good fun.

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