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There is one fact that has already been fully realized: Angry Birds, however aggressive they may be, have simply managed to win the sympathy of all smartphone users, whether in Brazil, Europe, the United States or anywhere else on the globe. And of course they would eventually fly to Brazil. Nothing more trivial than landing in Rio de Janeiro. But in Angry Birds Rio, our electric birds do not fly freely and spontaneously. In fact, they are carried by smugglers. And since our friends are not happy with such a situation, they decide to free themselves from captivity. Enough? None of it! Angry Birds fight against the smuggling of other animals. And among these animals are the heroes Blu and Jewel, from the celebrated animation "Rio".

Angry Birds Rio is the successor to one of the most downloaded apps on almost every smartphone platform in every country in the world. And the big draw of the Angry Birds developer was to set up a massive cooperation: with the 20th Century Fox film producer. That's why we got Angry Birds flying over Rio de Janeiro along with heroes Blu and Jewel. The fact that this partnership has been very successful. After all, after 10 days of the release of Angry Birds Rio, it was almost 10 million downloads of the game.

For those who have not seen the animation, which is directed by Carlos Saldanha, watch the trailer of Rio here.

Our team has prepared a review of Angry Birds Rio.

Functions & Usage

Here one must make clear something important: Angry Birds Rio has remained true to its original concept. After all, why mess with the winning team? The main objective is to catapult Angry Birds to different targets using a projectile. What you must do to overcome the obstacles in the path of crazy birds. This will also require you to apply your knowledge of the laws of physics very well.

What changed were the targets: instead of pigs, now they are cages, monkeys, etc. There are hidden objects such as golden pineapples, bananas and others.

Early levels are easily surpassed, although hidden objects can be a problematic obstacle to achieving such success. At each new level, a lamp must be balanced in order to discover the golden pineapple. Brilliant idea!

And do not think that the easiest things to accumulate points and stars. The higher the level, the harder it gets. In order to achieve all three stars, much effort and dedication are required. Angry Birds Rio had a total of 60 levels. But with the updates that have already been made, that figure should no longer be taken into account.


Talking about Angry Birds Rio and coming to the conclusion that the game is very fun and very good may be an ululante obvious. The combination of something new and a concept that worked totally well is perhaps the great recipe for the success of the new saga of the most electric birds in the virtual world. No doubt those apps that everyone should have!

Screen & Controls

The Rovio developers did their hat-taking work: Angry Birds Rio's graphic resolution has improved significantly. Just take a look at the screenshots of our review to see how the design is very interesting and value even the beauty of details such as palm leaves or lamps.

The sound effects are equally good. Birds, monkeys and other elements produce sounds that give the game a special charm.

The only thing we find that seems to be working with a certain delay has to do with the controls for the white bird that throws eggs. He does not only seem to react late, but in some cases he does not even react at all. We do not know yet whether it is a lack of talent of those who were testing the game or really a game failure.

We can conclude that Angry Birds Rio is a completely new world from a visual point of view. Any details you might think were missing from Angry Birds can now be found in Angry Birds Rio. Plunging into this world of total fun is only possible thanks to the app set: the game itself, its plot (its story), the graphics, the track and sound effects. In general, the controls remained as they were in the first version of Angry Birds.

Speed ​​& Stability

Angry Birds Rio worked very well on every device we used for testing: Desire, Desire HD and Notion Ink Adam. The application speed was excellent and in no time it crashed. Of course it was tested for several hours.

Price / Performance Ratio

Download Angry Birds Rio free from the Android Market.

Despite the huge buzz of approaching a major producer like 20th Century Fox, the app comes with an advertising banner … No go!

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