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Angry Birds Go! | AndroidPIT

Rovio has met the deadline: it was announced that the Angry Birds Go! It would be released on December 11 and since this morning you can already download the free game that adds another successful title of Angry Birds franchise.

Screenshot 2013 12 11 13 08 46
Rovio / AndroidPIT

This is the game that most differentiates from the previous ones, and enters a new genre, the racing style of the Mario Kart. The controls are very simple. You play with one of the birds in a rustic wooden car, and after a brief tutorial, where you learn that you can choose to make turns by clicking the arrows or simply turning the device, you can now participate in the first race against the green piggies.

Screenshot 2013 12 11 13 11 11
Are these the 3D graphics? / AndroidPIT / Rovio

All functions of this game genre are present here: power ups that make your car faster, coins to accumulate on the way, placement, social function, etc. After a short test, I need to say that I expected more from so much 3D graphics. The colors of the scenery seemed a little dead to me. In addition, on-screen touch controls work more fluidly than motion controls (tested on an Xperia Z Ultra).

Screenshot 2013 12 11 13 10 24
The touch control of the arrows seemed more fluid to me. / AndroidPIT / Rovio

Angry Birds Go!
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You already downloaded Angry Birds Go! What are your first impressions?

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