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Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

Games: Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

Hello young man padawan! Yesterday 2 awesome games from Android received small updates. We are seeing a huge wave of games for Android coming up with the decision of AND THE in helping the platform, and also the Open Feint. So, see what changes in games below:

The game angry Birds received a small update and turned Beta2. No significant changes were noticed in the game, no new levels, nor birds. Maybe it was just a bugfix update, or something. Remembering that we are still in Beta, and when this game becomes official … we will have a lot of levels and many more things! So let’s wait until the big moment arrives.

Fruit Ninja, the latest release in terms of big game for Android, it also receives a well-deserved update. Not that we Brazilians, with our Milestones (without hack) we will thank you for the update. But what happens is that the game can now be installed on the SD. Subarashi! And the coolest news is that the games of Open Feint climbed some positions in the paid games table, which shows that users of Android they are playing.