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Angela Merkel Defends Huawei's 5G Technology Installations in Europe

The Donald Trump government in the United States accuses Huawei of espionage and has been doing sanes and preventing the company from operating normally in the North American market. Contrary to what the Americans think, German Chancellor Angela Merkel defends Huawei in the deployment of 5G in Europe. According to the head of government, this option of using the Chinese company to install the network is better than dividing the service into multiple companies.

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The stance came after some German lawmakers excluded Huawei from 5G contracts, concerned about US accusations that they might be spying on Beijing. Huawei has denied all charges so far and is asking for hard evidence, the trade war has been going on for months without a clear outcome.

Merkel said one of the biggest dangers "is that every country in Europe has its own policies towards China by sending mixed network signals," she explained to lawmakers in a budget debate on the Bundestag camera on Wednesday. According to her, this would be disastrous not for China, but for Europe, asking Germany and France to agree on an approach to the issue with a single solution for the entire continent.

"There is no doubt that we need high standards of safety in the expansion of 5G, but just as we should define it for ourselves, we should also discuss it with other European partners."Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

France, as a form of network security prevention, intends to leave Huawei acting on its territory, but is prepared to cut off any equipment in case of suspected equipment failure. All German telecom operators, which maintain close commercial ties with China, are Huawei customers and warned that the ban would delay the launch of 5G networks.

Source: Reuters