Angela Ahrendts (Senior Retail VP) Leaves Apple

In early February, we reported that Angela Ahrendts (then Apple's senior vice president of retail) would leave the company in April. With the executive leaving, Deirdre OBrien took over as senior VP of retail and people (before promotion, she was VP of people). Today, April 14, Ahrendts's photo was taken from Ma's executive page, which makes us believe her cycle at the company has ended.

Apple Leadership Page

At least so far, Ahrendts has not yet elaborated on what to do now. What is known is that she rests during the summer (between June and September in the northern hemisphere) and that she intends to take advantage of this moment to travel before making new commitments. Between these trips, the executive has (already scheduled) a mission in Rwanda and visiting her two children in London, as detailed in this article.

O Financial times had suggested that she could take a more significant role at Ralph Lauren. Last year she joined the fashion company as a non-executive director (precisely because of her position at Apple), but from what the executive commented so far, the chances of her returning to the spotlight after a long career in retail and retail. Fashions are low A Ralph Lauren spokesman also refuted the rumors, noting that there are no plans for Angela to join the company beyond her current position as board member.

Let OBrien do a great job in front of Apple stores that are undoubtedly key parts in the company's ecosystem.