Angela Ahrendts joins Airbnb board

In the past month, Angela Ahrendts (then Apple's senior vice president of retail) left the company after holding the position for just over five years. Instead, Apple promoted Deirdre OBrien, who took over as senior VP of retail + people (before promotion, she was just VP of people).

At the time, we commented that Ahrendts had not yet elaborated on what he would do. She said only that she would rest during the summer (between June and September in the northern hemisphere) and that she intended to take advantage of this moment to travel before making new commitments. Well, at least one new appointment, the executive already has. As reported to CNBC, she joined the board of directors of the Airbnb.

According to the vehicle, Ahrendts is the third independent (non-Airbnb executive) person joining the board, joining Ken Chenault (former CEO of American Express) and Ann Mather (former CFO of Pixar). ).

Airbnb aims to go public by the end of the year and undoubtedly bring big names like Ahrendts to the board, a move well regarded by the market. “Angela has a reputation for making brands dream big, and she told me exactly what she hopes to bring to the Airbnb board,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO.

It's worth noting that Ahrendts is also on Ralph Lauren's board (there, however, she serves as a non-executive director).