AndroidPIT interview: Tallis Gomes, CEO and Founder of Easy Taxi

AndroidPIT interview: Tallis Gomes, CEO and Founder of Easy Taxi

If you live in a big city, you've probably had trouble calling a cab at some point! Thinking of facilitating this process, the application was created Easy Taxi, which allows your users to find the nearest available taxi through the smartphone. The company was founded by the young Tallis Gomes, who started his entrepreneurial career early. At the age of 14, the Carangola miner sold products on the internet. Then he went through companies like Unilever and Ortobom until he came up with the idea of ​​creating an application that uses geolocation to connect passengers and taxis, which happened in 2011. More than 1.5 million downloads later, Easy Taxi today has the largest fleet. of the world's 60,000 taxis, is already present in 14 countries and intends to grow much more.

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Tallis Gomes, CEO of EasyTaxi

On AndroidPIT Today's Interview, you will learn more about this successful story. Read below the interview with Tallis Gomes, CEO and founder of the company.

AndroidPIT: How did the idea of ​​Easy Taxi come up?

Tallis: I was attending an entrepreneurship event where I had to one weekend work on an idea and present a product prototype on Sunday. I had an idea using geolocalization but it was invalidated on Friday. So I needed a taxi to go home that day and had a hard time getting one. I thought, why not apply geolocation to help people get taxis?

AndroidPIT: This static market for many years and I imagine there was resistance at the beginning. Smartphone penetration was very small 2 years ago and I imagine few taxi drivers had a smartphone. What was it like to deal with this and other difficulties?

Tallis: You are right. As we opened this market, it was very difficult. We had to work to change people's consumption habits. And with few resources. I approached the taxi drivers and began to find out who the opinion makers were among them. I played ball with them. So I tried to convince them that the smartphone and the app were a tool for their work. Today, taxi drivers understand that working with us helps increase your income.

AndroidPIT: How the business model?

Tallis: We already had 3. First we worked as a cooperative centralizer, then we made an app to serve taxi companies, which are different from cooperatives because the company only rents the car. We even bought smartphones and rented them to the taxi drivers, but we soon saw that this was not the way. Finally, we understood that we really needed to convince the taxi driver to change his habits and use the app as a tool to get more work done with less effort.

AndroidPIT: Easy Taxi was the pioneer in this segment, at least in Brazil. But today there are other similar applications like TaxiBeat, GetTaxi and 99Taxi. What has Easy Taxi been doing to differentiate itself and remain market leader?

Tallis: It is very difficult to change consumption habits. What are we doing for transportation what TV did at the time for communication. Before people listened to everything on the radio, even the soap opera. Then the TV came and said: Now besides the audio, you have the picture. We are renovating a market. a big plus for everyone, passengers and taxi drivers, but a challenge. We have the resources to provide a service that no competitor can afford. Most importantly, we are a company focused on execution. We care about serving customers well. The competitors are a purely technology company. We have a service that uses technology as a means, not an end.

Easy taxi
Easy Taxi's app in operation! / Easy Taxi

AndroidPIT: How does this new Easy Taxi Pro service work?

Tallis: We saw the need for this service because corporate customers like restaurants and hotels came to us wanting to order more than one taxi. These establishments can call up to 4 taxis at a time through the app, and they have access to a history: when the passenger came in, when he landed, besides the taxi driver's phone. If a customer forgets one belongs in the taxi, the hotel or restaurant itself has the taxi driver number and can accompany it on the map. This way they can contact you directly to resolve the issue.

AndroidPIT: In a country like Brazil, it is impossible not to think about the challenge of urban violence. How does Easy Taxi deal with this issue?

Tallis: We have more security than a cooperative. When a taxi is with a passenger, it is being tracked. We have all the taxi driver data before registering it on the platform. There is a team that checks the criminal file of the taxi drivers, another dedicated to the recovery of objects. These are services that competition does not offer.

AndroidPIT: Do you think about entering the black cabs with Easy Taxi, on the Uber model for example?

Tallis: At the moment no. In Brazil the regulation is very nebulous. Other companies have tried and it has not worked. Before thinking of a second model, which would be to black cabs, we still have a lot to improve on what we offer now. We want to be the largest taxi service in history. We are doing this, and our focus will continue to be this.

AndroidPIT: When did you get funding for the business?

Tallis: I spent a lot of time running after investors, until I realized that they should come to you. As I began to focus more on business, investors appeared. We received a contribution of 10 million reais in September 2012 and another 30 million reais in April 2013. The company has grown 112% per month since November last year.

Did you like the interview? Then click here and download the Easy Taxi app!

As one of the competitors' differentials, the app has the "Favorite Addresses" function, which allows you to save your recurring addresses and not have to enter them every time. Also, with Easy Taxi you have other forms of payment. The great app! In São Paulo, not all taxi drivers accept cards and with Easy Taxi you can already use this type of payment, says the user Letcia Scalia.

In addition to being an app that really makes life easier for us, it can be the salvation when you need a taxi in difficult times and places!

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