AndroidPIT App 2.1: New UI makes the app more intuitive

AndroidPIT App 2.1: New UI makes the app more intuitive

Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of our app. Since the release of version 2.0, in September 2013, some news has sprung up here on AndroidPIT and our developers have worked to make the app more functional, redesigned and optimized the functionality of the software. Check out the integrated changes below for the latest version of the AndroidPIT app.

new app annoucment v4 3
The AndroidPIT app reaches verse 2.1! / AndroidPIT

Home screen

With the release of version 2.1, a simpler design also comes, providing an overview of the entire AndroidPIT site content (news, reviews, forum and app offerings). The splash screen acts as a summary of the latest news related to the green robot universe.

Androidpit app UI
Applications, analysis, news and forum appear more functional for the user (left). The images have been adapted to the screen size of each device (right)! / AndroidPIT

Navigation Menu

In addition, the new version has a left navigation bar where you can access the menu with all sections of the AndroidPIT application. Thus, we make the use of the app more intuitive and with more modern features.

AndroidPIT app menu browser
The navigation menu can now be activated from the left side from any screen! / AndroidPIT

According to the app's developer, Henrique Rocha, the user's experience with page navigation was what IT staff took the most into consideration to release this update:

The motivation for this new update was mainly due to navigation. We already had ideas for implementing the "Navigation drawer" to make navigation easier and it was also a feature requested by many users. The home screen has also undergone some changes to make the app more attractive and useful to the user. In general, the design has been improved.


The functions of the forum have been improved. The content sharing feature in cloud or social networks is already 100% functional and, for those who do not already know, the topics page of the forum can be selected from the page menu.

Androidpit app forum
Sharing and selecting pages makes the experience of AndroidPIT users even more intuitive! AndroidPIT

App offers and review

Weekly, our specialists make available Android application tests, which you access through the AndroidPIT app installed on your tablet or smartphone. In addition, daily, you can check out apps on offer at the Google Play Store.

AndroidPIT app deals app
Every day, you check out the app offers on the Play Store! / AndroidPIT

List of Changes

  • Featured home screen for Android apps, News and Frum;
  • Operation simplified by the left navigation bar;
  • App Offers: Fast access to apps on offer and discount on the Play Store;
  • Comments can now be edited from within the app.
    ; (Resource provided for version 2.2)

  • Improvements to app design;
  • Several bug fixes.

The update is now available for free from the Google Play Store. To download, click the button below:

AndroidPIT Apps News Frum
Install on Google Play

NOTE: After the upgrade, some users reported the following error message: "Your login details are not correct." If this is the case, please follow the instructions below:

1. Clear app data on Settings> Applications> Select AndroidPIT> Click Clear Data;2. Exit the app and register again;3 If the problem persists, please delete the application and download it again.

The AndroidPIT Brazil app is already among the first news apps in the country and we are working to further improve your experience with our app. So share your impressions and suggestions about version 2.1 of our app in the comments below.

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