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Android users in Brazil will have lighter version of websites and faster browsing

Beginning today (11/06), Brazilian users will rely on a help from Google to make surfing the internet faster on their Android devices. The company compresses web pages to optimize data usage, reducing the size of images and compressing elements that take longer to process. Check out details below.

The new feature will be available in Chrome and the default browser on all Android devices, in addition to Google's own search apps. Whenever the browser detects a slow connection, images will automatically be compressed to make browsing more fluid. Brazil is the second country that is receiving Google site compression, which has already started in Indonesia, and contributed to the 50% increase in mobile internet traffic. According to Hiroto Tokusei, product manager and also responsible for the implementation of the feature in India, the page load time will be up to four times faster, and reduce by 80% the amount of mobile data needed to open a website.

According to the company, the content of the pages is not compromised, and in the future sites optimized for Android devices will receive priority in Google search results. By encouraging Internet browsing or Google search, Google can further leverage its revenue from advertising. Video sites will not be hit by the new feature, ie accessing YouTube through the Android browser using mobile data will still be a task for the few.

And, will your data franchise yield a little more from now?

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