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Android updates and future releases: Get to know Xiaomi's plans for Brazil

With competitive price and business model, Xiaomi welcomed to Brazil this morning (30/06). The first device that reaches the national market is the Redmi 2, with local manufacture and great cost / benefit. Check out the article below for all the information about Android updates and future Xiaomi plans for Brazil.

Xiaomi in Brazil: Internet shopping and 100% national manufacturing

Xiaomi's arrival in Brazil was marked by numerous rumors and uncertainties. The main debt was related to the market value of the devices in the country, since in the eight countries in which the company operates the main characteristic of its products is the cost / benefit delivered to the user. During the event held in So Paulo, Hugo Barra, global vice president of Xiaomi, tried to clarify this and other questions in the smallest detail.

All Redmi 2 components will be imported, including the first units sold here, but the company is investing and opening its first production line outside Asia. The company responsible for assembling Xiaomi devices in Brazil will be Foxconn, which has a plant in Jundia, and will receive components imported from various suppliers, such as Samsung (RAM), Sharp (screen) and Qualcomm (processor). Even with investments in local manufacturing, the company's business model remains similar to that applied in India and China. The amount of R $ 499 charged by Redmi 2 fits the provision in the Law of Good, which creates tax incentives for companies that make investments and bring innovation to the country.

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Hugo Barra during Xiaomi press conference in So Paulo. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Xiaomi does not invest in mass advertising, such as print or television, and spending on retail logistics is also not on China's investment list. Products can only be purchased through br.mi, which runs on top of the <em>e-commerce </em>is the owner of B2W, the same company responsible for maintaining the shopping site of Lojas Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime.</p>
<p>The end result is a product with less taxes and tax rates. In addition, the profit margin practiced by Xiaomi is lower than other companies in the sector, after all all made at home. The company is heavily relying on social media to leverage its brand, as well as technology-driven YouTube channels.</p>
<h2>Xiaomi in Brazil: Android Update KitKat 4.4.4</h2>
<p>The Redmi 2 is an amazing device, however, the model comes standard with Android KitKat 4.4.4. According to Hugo Barra, there is no prediction of device update for Brazil. The executive also points out that there are no changes in performance or functions that run on the MIUI 6 interface, for the version present in Android Lollipop 5.1.</p>
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In fact, the minimum difference. During the event, I was able to handle the Mi 4i that runs on Android Lollipop 5.0.2, and really the visual differences are minimal. The user experience is the same in both versions, mainly due to the standardization of the company's proprietary interface, which follows a unique approach to any version of Android. All information about Lollipop for Redmi 2 will be released by the company through its official Facebook page.

Xiaomi in Brazil: Mi 4i could be next!

During the Xiaomi press conference, other models of the company were mentioned as likely future releases, such as the Redmi Note Pro. However, the Mi 4i may be the company's next release in Brazil. The device has been cited by Hugo Barra several times, mainly in direct comparisons with other market competitors such as the Galaxy Win 2 Duos and Moto G 2014. The Mi 4i was also available for viewing in the area reserved for journalists in various variations of colors, further highlighting the future release.

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Xiaomi Mi 4i may be the company's next release in Brazil. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Other news will be evaluated by the company during 2015, and the first steps will depend on the acceptance of the Brazilian public for the first officially launched device, the Redmi 2. In addition to the sales structure, Xiaomi highlighted its after-sales strategy and the possible arrival of Mi Home, business concept stores that are present in select countries.</p>
<p>And what did you think about the news from Xiaomi for Brazil? Can the company stand up to the already established manufacturers in the country?</p>
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