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Android Things finally reaches version 1.0 to hit head on with Apple's HomeKit

Amazing: l it's been almost two years since Google officially announced the Android Things, its platform for home automation devices that promised to bring fierce competition to the HomeKit, from Apple. It is perfectly understandable that none of you remember it (it was my case), because, since then, the system has been running in a cycle of betas and experimental versions without ever, in fact, seeing the light of day until now.

Android Things

Google is finally launching version 1.0 of Android Things today, allowing manufacturers and developers to incorporate the company's ecosystem into a multitude of products such as speakers, digital picture frames, thermostats, lamps, switches, garage doors, showers, kitchen appliances and more, much more.

The advantage of the system's long testing period is that the platform has already debuted in prime time with considerable support: the Android Things SDK has been downloaded more than 100,000 times over the past two years and more than 10,000 developers have contributed to its development, giving continuous returns on the integration of the system with its products.

To dispel a possible idea of ​​fragmentation and lack of support, Google is ensuring that products equipped with Android Things will receive at least three years of security updates over-the-air (OTA) automatic; as the system is considerably more closed than traditional Android (in the sense that it is not possible to make deep changes to your code), this guarantee is easier to fulfill than in the world of smartphones, for example.

The first products equipped with the system include a smart screen speaker from Lenovo, announced at CES, and ThinQ speakers from LG, which are expected to hit the market soon.

Does Apple have cause to worry?

via CNET