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Android themes from anyone who has gone from this to a better

Many are the Android themes we found for download on Google Play, formerly the Android Market, but today I caught my attention for one specific reason: Android themes with music idols that went from this to a better one: Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston. Would you have any of these themes as your wallpaper?

The smartphone is a device that spends most of the day with us, even at night, as it can also be used as an alarm, so getting sick of the wallpaper we choose as a theme is not difficult at all. Searching for Android themes, I found some very creative ideas, but nothing compared to these four models that are sure to please very different audiences.

However, no matter how much you may be from a singer, actor, sportsman, writer or filmmaker, there comes a point when the theme of the phone gets worn out and we have to change. So, today is the tip of four themes for Android for those who like to honor idols who have died:

Images: Google Play Store

If you were to honor a deceit, who would it be?

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