Android Secrets: Meet the Top 15

Even out of competition outside Apple, Android is the most widely used operating system for mobile devices. It receives new versions every year, is present in millions of smartphones and tablets, always has interesting news, but still has many functions that users are unaware of. Some are minor tweaks, while others are very useful options that can improve your system usage. If you're curious about these Android secrets, you can check our list. All the details can be seen below!

1. Block unwanted numbers

There are a lot of people who don't know yet, but it is possible to block unwanted numbers at any time on Android. To do this, just open the phone app on Android, find the number in question and press it for a few seconds.

block Android contacts

This will make a small menu appear, in which the "block" option will be present. Just click on it and you no longer have to worry about links of that number.

If few people know about the above tip, even fewer Android users know that there is a specific option to prevent spam links. You know, those telemarketing calls we get every week.

To avoid them, open the phone app on Android and click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen. This will make some options appear, so click on "Settings."

spam calls on android

In the new menu, simply click on “Caller ID and spam”.

prevent spam calls

With that done, just enable the option “Filter spam calls”.

filter spam calls

Okay, one more easy way to avoid even more unwanted calls.

3. Dark Mode

This option is better for devices with Android Pie or higher installed on your devices. If this is your case, you can enable a system-wide dark mode, which also leaves several apps with a black background.

To do this, go to the Android settings and click on the "Screen" option.

night mode on android

Then click on the "Dark Mode" option and activate it.

dark theme on android

If you don't see this option appearing on your Android, you needn't worry. Just check out our guide on how to enable dark mode on any Android smartphone.

4. Enlargement Gestures

As we see on web pages and photos, you can also zoom in on some Android menus. Just use the magnification feature, which can be especially useful for those who have difficulty seeing.

To do this, go to the settings, click on “Accessibility” and click on “Magnification”.

In the next menu, just choose how you want to use this magnification: with a button or a triple tap.

Your choice, so select the one that makes you most comfortable with the feature.

5. Color Inverse

This feature is not useful for most people, but interesting. With it turned on, your Android screen colors are reversed, with a negative aspect.

To use it, go to the settings, click on “Accessibility” and select “Color Inverse”.

You can obviously disable this feature at any time.

6. Text to speech conversion

There are many apps that convert text to audio today, but there is such a function on Android itself. To enable the feature, simply go to settings, select "Accessibility" and choose the "Select to listen" option.

There you can set the languages ​​you want and the speed of speech used. You can use this feature on web browsers or other apps that have a lot of text.

7. TalkBack

TalkBack is another way to use Android's audio text converter. The difference is that it used to speak items displayed on the screen.

Go to the settings, click on "Accessibility" and enable the option "TalkBack".

android talkback

Of course this can be disabled at any time if desired.

8. Know how much time passes in each app

Another new feature added in Android Pie was the ability to see how much time you spend on each app in even more detail.

To see this, go to the settings and click on “Digital Welfare and Parental Controls”.

secrets of android digital wellness

On the next screen you will see a graph showing which apps you used the most and how many minutes you spent on each one.

most used apps on android

You can click on the colors to get more information if you want.

9. Relax Mode

The Pie version of the system really added some very interesting Android secrets. Still in the "Digital Welfare and Parental Controls" menu, you will find the "Relax" mode.

It serves to define something for those who want to gradually decrease smartphone use before bedtime.

With it turned on, you can make your phone colors only in shades of gray, avoid certain notifications, and turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode.

secrets of android relax mode

It is very interesting and recommended for those who are always tempted to look at the device just before bed and end up being too distracted.

10. Set usage limits for each app

If you think you spend too much time watching one or two specific apps throughout the day, you can limit their use if you prefer. This way you set the maximum amount of time you can spend on the app per day and it pauses and won't let you use it after the limit is reached.

To do this, return to the "Digital Welfare" menu and click "Dashboard."

secrets of android apps panel

Choose one of the apps from the list by clicking it.

apps panel on android

And select the amount of time it can be used until it is paused by Android.

android app usage timer

Of course you can change this at any time, but it's a perfect feature to avoid spending too much time on social networks, for example.

11. Leave word in uppercase letters

Here is one of the most useful and unlikely Android secrets on our list. A lot of people don't even realize it, but there's a way to leave a word with uppercase letters without having to press Shift with each letter.

Just write the sentence you want, as we did in the image below, and select the word you want to make upper case.

capital letters on android

Now, press Shift on the keyboard twice.

Okay, the word is all uppercase in a mere second.

12. Developer Options

One of the biggest secrets of Android is the existence of something called "Developer Options", because it is totally hidden. It serves to make various modifications and gain access to features that the average user would never need. But it is nonetheless useful at various times.

To make it appear, it takes a rather boring but very fast process. Start by going into the settings by clicking "System" and then "About Device" then.

secrets of android system

Now find the “Version Number” option and click it seven times in a row.

This will show a notification that developer options are available. To access them, return to the “System” menu and find options there at the bottom of the screen.

You will find many strange options, so we advise you to do nothing without prior knowledge.

13. Create a password for your backups.

Taking advantage of the fact that we've already unlocked developer options, let's go for a tip that makes use of them. In this case, you can create a password for the backup that Android always makes of your device.

This gives you extra security for your data and information in case you need the backup one day. Go to “Developer Options” and click “Local Backup Password”.

android backup password

Now just create a password and confirm the action. Just write it down somewhere, since you will use the backup, it will be needed. One of Android's best secrets for more security.

14. RAM Usage

Another cool thing about “Developer Options” is that you can see the general usage of your Android's RAM. To do this, go to this menu and look for “Memory Usage”.

memory usage on android

Click on the option and you will see a screen with real time CPU usage.

If you like, you can even click on “Memory used by apps” to find out how much memory each is currently using.

15. Delete multiple apps at once

Want to clean up your Android apps but not have to deal with one by one? Then open the Google Play app and click on the three vertical lines on the upper left side of the screen.

Then click on "My Apps and Games."

google play

Select the "Installed" tab.

apps on google play

Click on the "Storage" option.

apps installed on android

Now select all the apps you want to delete from your smartphone and click "Release."

delete apps on android

The quick process frees you from the hassle of searching for loose apps on your device. Definitely one of the best secrets of Android for those who like efficiency.

Did you like the secrets of Android?

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