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Android Pie: Which smartphones will receive the update? (Updated)

The official Android Pie. Now, we need to know when our smartphones will be updated to the sweetest version of the system. Check below the official schedules and forecasts for this update.


  • : Recently added or status-changed smartphones
  • Waiting: waiting for official confirmation
  • Confirmed: company confirmed, but not yet released
  • Receiving: update released
  • In beta: in beta test
  • Has received: update has been sent to everyone

Android Pie Official

The Android Pie has finally arrived. This is excellent news for some people who may discover the new features Google has prepared. For others, the arrival of this new version only adds to the problem of fragmentation of Android versions. To learn more about the new system, visit the article:

Android Pie – Hands-on Video

Watch the Android Pie video review, still in beta, but already showing the main news of this version, such as the new interface and gesture navigation.

Android Pie – Which smartphones will I get the update?

Below, we list the smartphones that should receive the update to the next version of the system, among products already launched and others to come. Remember that the normal 18-month upgrade cycle, or one more than the factory upgrade.

Asus first released Android Pie for factory-released Zenfone 5 Series devices running Android Oreo. Then, the update should follow for Zenfone 4 models and other intermediate brand.

Android Pie – Asus

Smartphone Android Pie
Zenfone 4 Waiting
Zenfone 5 Has received
Zenfone 5Z Has received
Zenfone 5 Lite Confirmed
Zenfone 5 Selfie / Pro Confirmed
Zenfone 4 Max Waiting
Zenfone 4 Max Pro Waiting
Zenfone 4 Max Plus Waiting
Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro Waiting
Zenfone Max Pro M1 Receiving
Zenfone Max Pro M2 Confirmed
ROG Phone Confirmed
Max Shot / Max Plus M2 Confirmed
AndroidPIT asus zenfone 5 5z 8109
Zenfone 5 / AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Motorola is a company that is mishandling the distribution of Android updates. The brand, which used to be the first, has been testing Pie beta software for months for mid-range models from the manufacturer. Below, the devices confirmed by the company:

Android Pie – Motorola

Smartphone Android Pie
Moto Z2 Play Confirmed
Moto Z2 Force Confirmed
Moto Z3 Has received
Moto G6 Has received
Moto X4 Has received
Moto G6 Play Has received
Moto Z3 Play Has received
Moto G6 Plus Has received
Motorola One Has received
Motorola One Power Has received
AndroidPIT motorola moto z2 force 8079
Moto Z2 Force / AndroidPIT

Sony has already confirmed which models will be officially updated for the Android Pie, and only tries intermediate models left to close its cycle, being one of the best updaters:

Android Pie – Sony

Smartphone Android Pie
Xperia XZ Premium Has received
Xperia XZs Has received
Xperia XZ2 Has received
Xperia XZ2 Compact Has received
Xperia XZ2 Premium Has received
Xperia XZ1 Has received
Xperia XZ1 Compact Has received
Xperia XA2 Has received
Xperia XA2 Ultra Has received
Xperia XA2 Plus Confirmed
AndroidPIT sony xperia xz2 hero h5c
Xperia XZ2 / AndroidPIT

LG's reputation for updating its products is one of the best. There are only a few devices and they are taking a while to get the pie. This year, with Android 9.0, we should look something like this:

Android Pie – LG

Smartphone Android Pie
LG G6 Confirmed
LG V30 / 30S Confirmed
LG G7 ThinQ Has received
LG V35 Receiving
LG G7 One Has received
LG V40 ThinQ In beta
LG Q8 Confirmed
LG Q9 Confirmed
AndroidPIT LG V30 0545
LG V30 / AndroidPIT

Samsung's issue with upgrades is always an unknown one, but we can always count on an update for the company's most expensive models. Lines S9 and Note 8 are coming out ahead, while A8 and A8 + should be in the background, so it will take longer to receive the new software. The list has grown a lot in recent weeks:

Android Pie – Samsung

Smartphone Android Pie
Galaxy Note 9 Has received
Galaxy S9 Plus Has received
Galaxy S9 Has received
Galaxy Note 8 Has received
Galaxy S8 Plus Has received
Galaxy S8 Has received
Galaxy Note 7 / FE Receiving
Galaxy A9 (2018) Has received
Galaxy A8 (2018) Receiving
Galaxy A8 + (2018) Receiving
Galaxy A7 (2018) Receiving
Galaxy A6 + Receiving
Galaxy A6 In beta
Galaxy J8 Receiving
Galaxy J7 (2017) Confirmed
Galaxy J7 Duo Confirmed
Galaxy J7 Neo Confirmed
Galaxy J6 Receiving
Galaxy J6 + Receiving
Galaxy J5 (2017) Confirmed
Galaxy J4 Confirmed
Galaxy J4 + Receiving
Galaxy J4 Core Confirmed
Galaxy J2 Core Confirmed
Galaxy M10 Confirmed
Galaxy M20 Confirmed
Galaxy M30 Confirmed
Galaxy On7 (2018) / J7 Prime 2 Receiving
Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab A (2017) Confirmed
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab Active 2 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 Has received
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S9 0692
Samsung Galaxy S9 / AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Huawei is one of the companies that is better maintaining its handsets, with updates almost everywhere. Huawei mixed in the updates, time goes well and time goes back in Samsung style. I need to keep an eye on her from now on, as we already have two confirmed devices and one approved here.

Android Pie – Huawei

Android Pie
Kill 9 Has received
Kill 9 Pro Has received
Mate 9 Porsche Design Edition Has received
P10 Has received
P10 Plus Confirmed
Kill 20 Confirmed
Mate 20 Lite Receiving
Kill 20 Pro Confirmed
Kill 20 X Confirmed
Mate 20 RS Porsche design Confirmed
Kill 10 Has received
Kill 10 Pro Has received
P20 Pro Has received
Mate 10 Porsche Design Has received
Mate RS Porsche Design Has received
P20 Has received
P20 Lite In beta
P Smart Plus Confirmed
Nova 2 / 2S Has received
Nova 3 / 3i Has received
Honor 7X / 7S / 7C In beta
Honor 8X Receiving
Honor Pro Confirmed
Honor 9 Lite In beta
Honor 9 In beta
Honor 9N In beta
Honor View 9 In beta
Honor 10 Has received
Honor View 10 / V10 Has received
Honor Note 10 In beta
Honor play Has received
Honor Play Has received
AndroidPIT Huawei P20 Pro Front Back Hero 2cbu
Huawei P20 / AndroidPIT

Many users buy devices from abroad, ie imported. Then we have the main models of imported brands and the schedule of their manufacturers. Note that in this list we will only display models confirmed or already updated.

To follow up on Xiaomi updates more closely, we suggest the following article, which covers all handsets receiving MIUI 10:

Android Pie – Imported Brands

Android Pie
R17 / R17 Pro Confirmed
R15 / R15 Pro In beta
R11 / R11 Plus / R11s / R11s Plus Confirmed
Find X Confirmed
A83 Confirmed
A7x Confirmed
A3 Confirmed
F7 Confirmed
F5 / F5 Youth Confirmed
Nokia 1 Confirmed
Nokia 2 Waiting
Nokia 2.1 Has received
Nokia 3 Confirmed
Nokia 3.1 Has received
Nokia 5 Has received
Nokia 5.1 Has received
Nokia 5.1 Plus / X5 Has received
Nokia 6 Has received
Nokia 6.1 Has received
Nokia 6.1 Plus / X6 Has received
Nokia 7 Has received
Nokia 7 Plus Has received
Nokia 7.1 Has received
Nokia 8 Has received
Nokia 8 Sirocco Has received
Mi A1 Has received
Mi A2 Has received
Mi 8/8 Explorer Edition Has received
Mi 8 Pro In beta
Mi 8 SE Has received
Mi 8 Fingerprint Edition Confirmed
Mi 8 Explorer Edition Has received
Mi A2 Lite Has received
Mi 8 Lite Has received
Mi MIX 2 In beta
Mi MIX 2S Has received
Mi MIX 3 Has received
Mi 6 / 6X In beta
Mi Max 3 Has received
Mi Max 2 Waiting
Mi Max Has received
Mi Max Prime Has received
Redmi S2 / Redmi Y2 Confirmed
Redmi 6 / 6A Canceled
Redmi 6 Pro In beta
Redmi Note 6 Pro Receiving
Redmi Note 5 Has received
Redmi Note 5 Pro Confirmed
Note 3 Confirmed
Pocophone F1 Has received
Nex A Receiving
Nex S Has received
X21 / X21 UD In beta
V11 Pro Receiving
OnePlus 3 / 3T Receiving
OnePlus 5 Has received
OnePlus 5T Has received
Oneplus 6 Has received
U12 + Confirmed
U11 + Confirmed
U11 Confirmed
U11 Life Has received
Keywo Confirmed
KeyTwo LE Confirmed
Motion Confirmed
PH-1 Has received
Razer Phone Confirmed
Razer Phone 2 Has received
Axon 9 Pro In beta

Quantum, Alcatel and others

These brands are betting on basic versions of Android Oreo Go Edition or launching products as early as 2018, running on Android 7.0 Nougat. None of these manufacturers released a prior or official schedule or so kept their products launched in 2017/2018 duly updated.

However, it is worth remembering that the two no longer act officially here. Quantum has not launched anything new for months, and has not replenished its stocks, and Alcatel has confirmed its departure rather than the arrival of Semp TCL.

We will update this list as soon as we have new information. In the meantime, do not hesitate to comment if you know other smartphones that will be updated.

What are your favorite functions on Android Pie?

Please note: the updates reported here are worldwide, and may or may not include Brazil. In addition, carrier devices may take longer to receive updates because they need to be screened by carriers before they reach your device.

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