Android passes Windows and is the most widely used operating system in the world.

Not so long ago that I published an article, As a matter of fact, barely two weeks ago, we were speculating and indicating that Android would bypass Windows as the most widely used operating system in the world when it comes to internet access, because it happened! It actually happened a few days ago, I had not had time to write about even with the sudden news of the Canonical closes Unity project things got hectic and my time to write about this subject, which is also very interesting and important, was for the "bad guys", as people would say in the 70's.

As it turns out, Google's Linux-based Android system, which powers most Smartphones, has just passed Microsoft's Windows and become the world's leading operating system for internet access.

Victory was expected given the conditions, you see, most people have at least one Smartphone when they don't have more than one, and computers are shared devices among the family often. It is therefore natural to assume that Smartphones would eventually become the center of the internet for home users and the system that is accompanying this evolution on most Android devices, so an expected "victory".

Last March's polls show that all the added versions of Windows, including Mobile, Desktop, etc., account for about 37.91% of Internet-connected devices, while Android, which already expands to some computers, TV Boxes, Consoles. And of course, Smartphones and Tablets now represents 37.93%.

The minimum difference, of course, is not up to 1%, but as the own StatCounter emphasizes, the first time in history that Windows has been left behind in this respect, Microsoft is still leading the Desktop branch, and that probably won't change anytime soon, but the "battle" seems to be moving to another field where Microsoft still failed to settle down completely. Although Microsoft does not lead the market for Windows for Smartphones, financially speaking, Microsoft is one of the biggest earners of selling Android devices due to a series of proprietary patents, perhaps this explains why Google is looking for a way to move from Android to another system to stop enriching other companies simply for legal reasons.

Anyway, it is nonetheless incredible news and a break from the historical paradigm.

See you next time!

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